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STAY in existing office space with new and effectively renegotiated terms/optimized space
MOVE to a suitable 3 possible alternative properties negotiated at the best condition with equal/better staying

YOUR CHOICES at the end of the mission .Your own office renegotiated with optimized spaces or alternatives offices negotiated

Analysis of Common charges

Apart from the rent, rental charges are an unrecognised and uncontrolled expense for tenants. They have a significant influence on the total cost of your rental.

In the rental contract, the details concerning the rental charges are not very explicit. This situation does not always give a clear picture of this item, so you need to be careful.
The provisions do not always reflect the reality of the adjusted cost of the service charges.

Do not forget that the rental charges item can be a negotiating lever.
To avoid any surprises at the end of the year, Elias Partners can use its expertise to provide the tenant client with a detailed analysis of the rental charges.


Letting coordination or sublet

The coronavirus pandemic and the recession it catalyzed have depressed office space demand and leasing velocity over the past year.

National office market fundamentals continue to face downward pressure from sublease space, which are adding to vacancy and generating negative net absorption in many major markets.

ELIAS PARTNERS will assist and advise in the commercialisation of the subletting or re-sale of the tenant client’s surplus office space
The role of ELIAS PARTNERS is to coordinate and motivate all the agents of the markets in order to control all the demands.
The double fees for the agents, the one from the landlord and the one from of the tenant itself, will motivate the market to find a faster solution.

Optimization of offices spaces

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced many to work remotely, professionals see their relationship with the office changing after COVID-19. The market drives demand for flexibility and more meaningful office connections;

With our architect organizations will need to consider the potential for reduced office occupancy, which has ramifications for how much office space requirements


Air Quality

Since COVID, air quality regulations have evolved significantly and it has become a very present issue for tenants.
Europe has established a standard in terms of air quality and its renewal and imposes a flow of 22 m3 per hour and per person.
Belgium has decided to tighten these standards and requires a flow rate of 40 m3 for office spaces.
In our ecosystem, we have put in place specialists in this field.
They can determine in a completely independent way if these standards are respected.

No cure no pay

The remuneration system that we wanted to set up is based on the principle of No-cure No-pay.

This is a clear and transparent way of remuneration that pushes us to obtain the best possible result and allows the client to have no financial investment.

This system of remuneration is based entirely on the added value that Elias Partners will achieve during the mission.

See below the flow of the fees calculation.

The formula below will give you a clear understanding of our remuneration system.